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Panda Paradise is a collection of 8,888 unique, randomly generated Panda Humanoids adventuring on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs.

Every Panda Paradise NFT is unique and programmatically generated from over 180+ possible attributes and traits like background, skin, clothes, facial expression, accessory, and headgear.

Pandas will have a DAO that purchases and fractionalizes major bluechip NFTs. Starting with Cyberkongz and distributes them to its holders.

The $BAMBOO token will represent fractional shares of the collection of bluechip NFTs in the vault. Each Panda Paradise NFT can earn 100 $BAMBOO per day from staking

8888 NFTs
0.04 ETH per Panda
Creative and Commercial Rights
VIP Special Benefits


• 8,888 random Panda Paradise NFTs

• Fair Launch and distribution - all Pandas have the same cost of 0.04 ETH + Gas

• Includes full creative and commercial rights usage of your panda as long as you keep the NFT

• Unlock VIP special benefits through roadmap activations and future phases(DNA upgrades, staking)


We've set up some very achievable goals that we will accomplish once we hit each percentage.


We move out of our wife’s boyfriends couch.


AI Genesis Reboot. 88 Secret Cloned Pandas (tokens held back from the sale) are saved to be airdropped to random paradise citizens in future giveaways.


Panda Paradise Game Development Plans Revealed. The Highest Daily Leaderboard Score receives random prize drops. (10 Eth Deposited to Community wallet - Treasure Chest )


Paradise Exclusive Merch store gets unlocked (Hawaiian shirts with your Avatar available as well as t-shirts, hoodies, hats) 8 ETH Donated to Panda Charitable Organizations. Panda DAO Formed to symbolically sponsor and Adopt Pandas, and allow panda holders to vote on budget allocation. Genesis Kongz added to DAO Vault.


Puzzle challenge quests unlocked. Riddles will need to be solved to find IRL locations where real prizes are airdropped to Paradise members. The first to solve the riddles will be sent ethereum, special quest Pandas, and in person rewards.


Panda Metaverse Exploration Mission: Progeny and First Generation Panda Humanoids will send a beacon into the metaverse establishing friendship and plans of collaboration.


Panda Paradise DNA Upgrades Unlocked. Generation 2 Pandas mutated and upgraded ready for battle. The wallet that mints a 1/1 Mecha-Panda will win a Tesla Model 3 . (Or receive equivalent in Ethereum)50% of all Secondary Market Royalties to be deposited to community DAO wallet, for special prizes and charity of the month.

Panda Paradise Team



Early bitcoin investor, diamond handed ape and nft enthusiast, enjoys steak dinners and japanese whiskey

Sakura Panda

Community Specialist

Lover of all things japan and kawaii, cherry blossoms are my favorite flower.



Vector illustrator , and lover of fine Asian cuisine. Puts heart and soul into every design.


Front End Developer

Software Engineer with multiple interests.


Back End Developer

Developer, researcher, hodler.


We aim to be a community and utility oriented project. We want holders to have unique and exciting benefits and that's why we're pushing the envelope when it comes to what we promise to our holders.

1. "Plasma Booster" after Gen 1 Pandas are minted, we will reveal Plasma Booster upgrades available to all Gen 1 Panda Holders (for Free + Gas). These will be airdropped, and create a derivative Gen 2 Panda with new amazing traits. And another companion collection for all Gen 1 Panda Holders will be released, this will accompany the storyline and are a part of the Panda Paradise Saga.

2. We believe that our holders deserve the best and that's why 50% of royalties from secondary sales will return to Panda holders each month, through various giveaways, prizes, and raffles. Panda holders will be able to vote on what we raffle each month back to the community. In this way, our goal is to keep everyone engaged with the project and excited about future developments. Opensea Royalties will be set at 3% for secondary sales.

3. Tremendous plans for additional benefits & giveaways prepared for our members, that will be unlocked through roadmap activations and future phases. (Tesla and other giveaways for holders)

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What is Panda Paradise?

Panda Paradise is home to randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as “NFTs”. There are 8,888 different Pandas, each Panda completely unique, just like everyone in the world. Panda Paradise was generated from a smart contract using over 150 different hand drawn traits. Pandas are minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How do I Purchase a Panda?

To purchase, visit our website : until minting is complete. Next, you may purchase from our collection on the OpenSea marketplace, which will be verified soon.

When did Panda Paradise launch?

October 15th, 2021 12 AM PST

How many Pandas exist?

Only 8,888 Pandas exist. 88 Secret Pandas will be airdropped and revealed in the nearby future.

Are some Pandas more rare than others?

Every Panda has unique traits and attributes, but some traits are more rare and special than others. For instance, many Pandas may have a baseball cap, but only a few Pandas may have a Crown. You may view all possible traits for Panda Paradise under “properties” on OpenSea. You can also use a third party tool known as Rarity Tools, which helps calculate how rare the combination of attributes on Panda Paradise are and assign them a “Rarity Score”. Give it a try here:

How are Panda Paradise NFTs Distributed?

Fair Distribution. There are no bonding curves here. Buying a Panda will cost .04 ETH + Gas. There are no price tiers; Panda Paradise entry costs the same for everyone.

What are the benefits of owning a Panda?

Owning a Panda gives you an immense advantage and exclusive access to a premium selection of holder-only benefits inside both the digital and real world.

Do I own commercial rights to my Panda?

Yes! You will have total creative and commercial rights usage of your Panda for as long as you keep the NFT in your wallet. Feel free to create your own art derivatives as well as fashion. We will also have an option for you to order your Panda's specific merchandise.

What will happen to Secondary Market royalties?

We believe that our holders deserve the best and that's why 50% of royalties from secondary sales will return to Panda holders at the end of each month, through various charities, special gifts, raffles, all from our community DAO wallet. Panda Holders will vote on which prizes to giveaway and which charities to donate to. In this way, our goal is to keep everyone actively involved with the project and hyped about future developments. Royalties will be set at 3% for secondary sales. ( not including 2.5% to Opensea Platform)